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Fundraising doesn't have to be scary, and you are doing it for a great cause! Try these five easy tips and see how much you can raise.

Get Started Now. The sooner you start fundraising, the easier it is. You’ll be on your way to getting donations and no doubt will exceed your minimum goal. Seeing those donations come in will only motivate you more to continue fundraising right up to event day!

Update your Personal Fundraising Page. Be sure to edit your page. Personalize the text to explain why you care – share your story and personal reasons – it will make all the difference when asking for donations. Add photos or videos of you or your team. Create your own blog. This is a great way to post updates about how your training and fundraising is going. Then send the link to friends and family, and post it to your social media sites.

numbers_3.jpg    Use Social Media. You will be surprised at how many people respond if you just ASK! Write a brief message about your commitment to Cycle the WAVE. Make it a little different than what is on your Fundraising Page and post it to Facebook or Linked In, along with the link to your fundraising page. Feel free to also share the link to The WAVE Foundation’s Discover Your Power program information. Edit your message and repost often as a reminder to everyone about what you are doing!
numbers_4.jpg    Follow up. People are busy - post often and remind people to give.
numbers_5.jpg    Say thank you. We are indebted to people like you who support us. Thank You! And we’re also grateful to the people that support you. Make sure they know that, and thank everyone. Handwritten notes, emails, phone calls. A thank you goes a long way and is another opportunity to remind your contributors that they helped you to make a difference.


Here are some other tips and tricks to help you in your fundraising.



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Email Signature. Insert a link to your fundraising page on your email signature with a one line explanation that you are participating in the 10th Anniversary Cycle the WAVE. Encourage your contacts lto visit your webpage and please consider making a donation.

Leave a Voice Mail Message. Update your voice message so everyone who calls knows you’re doing something really good, and that their support would be welcomed.

Snail Mail. Make personalized return address labels and include a tag line: “I’m going to Walk the WAVE on September 17, 2017. Will you sponsor me?” Consider making a simple pre-addressed and stamped pledge card and including it in the envelope you’re mailing. Make it easy to donate!

Write letters. Sure, we said online fundraising is the most effective. And it is. But a personal letter request is a wonderful change of pace. Create a group night with friends or family. Hand write letters to ask for donations and include the pledge card you already made. This is a fun way to spend an evening. Get your kids involved. Ask then to write letters to their friends!

Add your URL link. In all electronic communications, be sure to include a link to your personal fundraising page and encourage recipients to click the link to learn more and to please consider making a donation.


Company Policy. Not all businesses welcome fundraising or promoting personal causes at the workplace, so check to make sure you are not breaking a company policy. However, if your company has an open policy about fundraising, you can become an Ambassador for Cycle the WAVE at work and exponentially increase your fundraising ability.

Matching Gifts. Do you work for a company that has an Employee Matching Gift Program? Some employers double (or even triple) the original donation amount. See if they will match the amount of pledges you receive from co-workers. And make sure to ask all your donors if their company has a matching gift program and ask them to participate. Matching gifts are one of the easiest ways to increase fundraising totals.

Volunteer Grant Program. Some businesses offer grants to employees for volunteering their time to eligible non-profits. Check to see if your company does this! If so, your volunteer time for Cycle the WAVE could translate to money in exchange for your work and more fundraising for you.

Corporate Sponsorship. Find out if your company is interested in being a corporate sponsor for Cycle the WAVE or The WAVE Foundation. If they are, please contact Outreach/Development Manager, Sherry Fadely at for more information.

Company Communications: Does your company distribute a newsletter? Or have an intranet calendar, social networking or other site? If so, take advantage of these…it’s a perfect way to get the word out and even get your company involved.

Your Spouse or Partner: Ask if her/his company has any of the above and get them on board to fundraise for you! Do the same with close friends and family who understand your passion for our mission and ask them to help raise money for you.



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Office Parties. Whether you work at an office or at a construction site, everyone enjoys a party. And anything can be turned into a fundraiser!

• Potluck – organize a breakfast or lunch. Have a group of co-workers bring a dish to share and ask for a minimum donation for anyone who eats.

• Bake Sale – Organize similar to the potluck or (if you have a Costco card) buy pastries & muffins and ask for a minimum donation per item. Whatever you do, make sure to let everyone know what their donation is going towards.

• Bowling Night, Happy Hour, Game Night, Costume Party, Dinner Party – Organize and host any or all and ask everyone attending for a suggested minimum donation. Make sure whatever you spend per head is substantially less than the donation you request. “If you build it they will come” is the motto well-remembered from the movie Field of Dreams. Truth is, any thought or energy you put in to fundraising parties will in all likelihood make your fundraising campaign successful! Have fun!


Group Activities. Whether it is with your Cycle the WAVE Team members, friends or family or co-workers, think about ways to support each other and work together to bring awareness and funds to your cause by creating social gatherings to bring more people together.

Challenge. Do you regularly meet with a group of people for coffee? Or stop on your way to work for a breakfast treat every morning? Why not challenge yourself and your friends to give up whatever “it” is for a month and put that money towards your Cycle the WAVE fundraising.

Summertime. Take advantage of all that summer offers and allocate all or part of the funds you earn or raise towards your fundraising goal. Host a garage sale, pool party, lemonade sale, picnic in a park, provide lawn mowing and simple yard work, painting or minor handyman services. Get your kids involved. Let everyone know what you’re doing and where their money will go. You might get some nice tips for doing good work and for supporting a good cause!

Thank you for your fundraising efforts!