2017 Cycle the WAVE routes 

We have four great CYCLE the WAVE route options that will accommodate all rider levels. All the routes include a variety of terrain (roads, trails, climbs and descents). 

Rider safety is the most important issue that we all have to address- the plan fact of the matter is that most bike accidents on organized events occur between cyclists. So take a moment  to read the Safety page that outlines good group riding techniques/tips, and please ride safe and Ride S.M.A.R.T. Also remember that roads and trails are open to all users. Ride courteously to insure the communities invite us to return.

We do have a group start for each route at posted time below but riders may choose to leave early or later. However, please note that rest stops are timed to coincide with suggested start time windows. Starting within 30 minutes of these suggested start times insures you will return to Bellevue College with plenty of time to enjoy the finish line festival.

Download routes on your GPS enabled device on Here on Ride With GPS

2017 ROUTES and Check in Times  

70 Mile Loop 70-Mile route Green Arrows Registration & Check-In 6:30 a.m. - Depart 7:00 a.m. 

46 Mile Loop46-Mile Route Orange Arrows Registration & Check-In 7:30 a.m. - Depart 8:00 a.m.

29 Mile Loop 29 mile route Yellow Arrows Registration & Check-In 8:00 a.m. - Depart 9:00 a.m.

12 Mile Loop 12 mile route Pink Arrows Registration & Check-In 9:00 a.m. - Depart 10:00 a.m.

*There will be a short Departure Orientation and safety talk before each bicycle departure.Please follow your appropriate COLOR route arrows on the course. Visit the Routes page for printable maps, cue sheets and RIDEWITHGPS files. Also be sure to visit our START/FINISH webpage for more day of ride information.

route arrows

12 Mile Loop

This is a great route for new cyclists and cyclists looking for a short, but fun option.  The new route travels mostly on quiet roads  and trails and includes its own rest stop at Spiritridge Park.  The route then drops down to the lake before it joins up with the rest of the riders at Newport Way.  All riders will experience the camaraderie of all finishing together at Bellevue College.

12 Mile loop (map & cue sheet PDF)

30 Mile

This is a route for those riders who have been out a bit on their bikes this year and are looking for slightly bigger challenge than the Little Sister. The route travels north from Bellevue to Redmond before stopping just outside Marymoor Park for a well earned rest stop. Riders then enjoy a beautiful scenic ride along East Lake Sammamish Blvd to Issaquah's Tibbetts Valley Park rest stop. You'll want to linger a while to enjoy the legendary Firefighters "hot tamale" rest stop before heading back to the finish line via Newport Way.

Girly Girl (map & cue sheet PDF) 29.7 miles

46 Miles

Ready to bump up from 30 miles? This is the perfect route. This route travels north from Bellevue to Woodinville, then back to Redmond. You'll enjoy a rest stop at mile 17 at the Woodinville Fire Station. From there you'll loop back, stopping just outside Marymoor Park for a second rest stop. From there this route joins the 30 mile Girl route to enjoy a beautiful scenic ride along East Lake Sammamish Blvd to Issaquah's Tibbetts Valley Park rest stop where you may want to linger and refuel with hot tamales provided by the local firefighters before tackling the last hill (Newport Way) on the way to Bellevue College.

46 mile route & cue sheet

70 miles

!This is the route for those woman who have been riding all summer and want a true challenge to end their season in style. This  route is indeed "the whole enchilada" with over 3800 feet of climbing and three rest stops to keep you going the distance. Riders enjoy a new 20-mile Woodinville loop before heading back to Maymoor park for the second rest stop. Then its back to the Highlands for a climb up to the Sammamash plateau and then back down to Issaquah and finally back to Bellevue College (via Newport Way)  to enjoy the festivities.

70 mile Map & Cue Sheet

Ride S.M.A.R.T